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Lumberjack 20. A beast of a WOD

lumberjack_20LUMBERJACK CrossFit started with LTC Pete Andrysiak and a select few Soldiers in the 20th Engineer Battalion. It soon became way of life for over 750 Soldiers preparing for combat.

The Lumberjack 20 used by the 20th Engineer BN at Fort Hood, Texas.  Their page, Lumberjack Crossfit, can be found here.  20th Engineer BN has embraced Crossfit as a means of helping to keep the Soldiers fit to fight.  If you are looking for a demanding WOD program, be sure to check out their page.

The Lumberjack 20 is listed below: Read more

Crossfit Hero WODs

Thanks to a helpful reader, we were sent a link to an interesting page that lists the Crossfit Hero WODs from over at Crossfitiota.  Here is a little bit of text from the page:

“These CrossFit Hero WODs listed below are some of the most intense workout experiences that you could experience. They have been conceived and are intended to be performed with intense effort, in honor of our fallen Heroes. Don’t think to your self, I can’t do that or it looks to hard. Instead focus on what you can do, scale where needed, and think about the Hero that has given his all for our freedom. Honor these Hero’s with your best effort. ”

Here is a screenshot of a few of the Hero WODs listed.  To view all the Hero Read more

Is your unit using Crossfit? Tell us about it.

tire_flip_2Crossfit is gaining popularity in the U.S. military. Not only have Service Members been using Crossfit for years, but some units are starting to implement Crossfit into their physical training programs.  If you are using crossfit at the unit level, we would like to read about what you are doing.

Get in touch with us via our facebook page and if you type up a short article that can be shared, we will post it on the website for others to read.  Your unit may be doing something that other units can emulate to work Crossfit into their physical training program.

Looking For a CrossFit Trainer?

trainer_directoryFind CrossFit trainers in your area by using the trainer search feature on the site.  Just visit the page below, enter your location into the search form and a list of trainers will be displayed.  Trainers listed have at least a current CrossFit Level 1 Certification.

We had an idea the other day about seeing if a local CrossFit gym would hold a free CrossFit orientation course for our Soldiers.  We thought it may be a great way for the Soldiers to get some guidance and information from a certified trainer and great publicity for the CrossFit gym hosting the event.  It may be something to look into if you are trying to get CrossFit started in your unit.

If you have any other ideas of how to get troops trained or oriented to the CrossFit program by a certified trainer without digging too deep into a unit’s budget, we would like to hear about them so we can share it with others.

Why Your Military Unit Needs Crossfit and How To Implement It

crossfit_groupIn May 2010, a study was released from the U.S. Army Command and General Staff College titled “Crossfit Study”.  The study was written by MAJ Jeffrey Paine, MAJ James Uptgraft and MAJ Ryan Wylie.

If you are really curious, you can view the whole study at this link.  For the sake of saving everyone’s time, I am going to paste the conclusion and recommendations below since that is what most people want to see anyway.

Conclusions and Recommendations:

The CrossFit program and other functional fitness programs present the U.S. Army with unparalleled opportunities to improve Soldiers’ level of physical fitness. In this study, after only six-weeks of training using the CrossFit program, on average the athletes increased their level of physical fitness by 20%. One athlete increased her Read more

U.S. Coast Guard Office of Work-Life Programs Review of Crossfit

The information below is from the website and was last updated on 9/24/2013

is a core strength and conditioning program designed to optimize fitness in a variety of physical challenges. CrossFit is optimal for any athlete seeking to enhance physical performance in high intensity activity. CrossFit trains the body in 10 areas of fitness: Cardiovascular Endurance, Stamina, Strength, Flexibility, Power, Speed, Coordination, Agility, Balance and Accuracy.

Equipment is fairly inexpensive and requires little room to set up.  Training methods when done correctly increase core strength and functional fitness. CrossFit website is a resource that provides daily workouts. Read more

Share your “Military” Crossfit Workouts

after_my_napWe are looking to expand and start a new section that include workouts that are able to be conducted with items that may be found around the motorpool, company areas or on the FOB. Help spark some ideas in other crossfitters by sharing your photos and descriptions of what you are doing.

We have seen some great ideas such as the HMMWV pull, litter lift, using 5 gallon water containers pull-up bars between t-walls, but we want you to get the glory of sharing what you are using.

If you are interested in helping others out, shoot us a message on our facebook page ( and let us know about what you are doing. Don’t forget to send us photos and descriptions of the workout. If you want, we will add your name on the page as the one who submitted the information.

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