Looking For a CrossFit Trainer?

trainer_directoryFind CrossFit trainers in your area by using the trainer search feature on the CrossFit.com site.  Just visit the page below, enter your location into the search form and a list of trainers will be displayed.  Trainers listed have at least a current CrossFit Level 1 Certification.

We had an idea the other day about seeing if a local CrossFit gym would hold a free CrossFit orientation course for our Soldiers.  We thought it may be a great way for the Soldiers to get some guidance and information from a certified trainer and great publicity for the CrossFit gym hosting the event.  It may be something to look into if you are trying to get CrossFit started in your unit.

If you have any other ideas of how to get troops trained or oriented to the CrossFit program by a certified trainer without digging too deep into a unit’s budget, we would like to hear about them so we can share it with others.