Make Your Own Medicine Ball For Crossfit

medicine_ball_001If you are in a location where medicine balls are not available or they are too expensive to ship due to their size or weight, you can make your own with some items that may be found locally. Here is what you will need:

  • An old basketball or soccer ball
  • A way to put an opening into the ball to add the sand. (This could be a drill, a leatherman or gerber or just a knife.)
  • 100 MPH Tape or Duct Tape
  • Sand to add the medicine ball

The good thing about using a basketball or soccer ball is that if you have to order the item from a place such as, they are lighter than a weighted medicine ball and will probably cost less to ship.  I am not sure of what the price will be when you read this, but as of the writing of this article I found a basketball for $9.00 on Amazon with free shipping for Amazon prime members.

Step 1: Use the drill or some other tool to carefully place a small hole into the ball. I have seen someone make a medicine ball and they drilled the hole along one of the black lines in the basketball.

Step 2: Roll a piece of paper to make a funnel and stick the end of the funnel into the hole.

Step 3: Slowly add sand. This may take a little while to ensure that you don’t add the sand so fast that it will just clog the small hole. Since you are going to wrap the ball in tape anyway, you could cheat and just cut a v shaped notch in the ball and peel the “V shape” back and drop sand into that opening.

100MPHStep 4: Use the 100 MPH or Duct Tape to carefully wrap the ball. Ensure that you wrap the part where you cut extra good and make sure the tape is tight as it wraps around the ball. 100 MPH Tape can get slippery, so if you have some hockey / athletic tape, you can wrap the ball after it has been wrapped in 100 MPH tape or Duct Tape. This will help to keep the ball from being slippery if you get sweat on the taped ball. (hint: check with a medic or aid station to see if a cloth tape is available)

Step 5: Take a photo of your homemade medicine ball and post it on our facebook page to share with others that are interested in making their own. If you have some lessons learned that will help others, they would be greatly appreciated also.