Use Your Old Military Duffle Bag As A Sandbag To Add To Your Workout

dufflebagIf you have spent any amount of time in the Military, you probably have extra duffle bags laying around.  Have you ever considered turning one of those old duffle bags into a tool to be used during your workout?

If you have lots of money to spare, which many of us don’t, you could go out and buy a commercial version and spend $50 plus dollars, but I am liking the idea of making my own and saving the money.

Full directions on how to create your own sandbag are posted via a link below, but I will share what you will need so that you can start collecting the items as soon as possible.

  • An old Military duffle bag as pictured in the photo to the right.
  • Up to 70 pounds of sand depending on how heavy you want your homemade sandbag.
  • 100 MPH Tape (Duct Tape)
  • 3mm thick heavy duty contractor trash bags.  (you will be putting 10 lbs of sand in each so you can adjust the weights for your workouts)
  • Scissors (for cutting), scale (to measure out the 10 lb bags of sand), and a bucket (to use to hold the sand while measuring)

Full directions can be found at this link in a May 2011 Article of the Crossfit Journal called “DIY Sandbags“.  The idea is pretty simple and will save a bunch of money while letting you use one of those old duffle bags that you probably have tucked away in a closet or in your garage.  DIY Sandbags is a good article and contains information on how you can incorporate sandbags into your workout.