Recruiters complete CrossFit seminar to increase physical fitness with Delayed Entry Program

By Staff Sgt. Clinton Firstbrook | Recruiting Station Twin Cities

recruiterMINNEAPOLIS — More than 20 Marines with Recruiting Station Twin Cities attended a three-day CrossFit training seminar recently to increase fitness levels within the command.
Instructors discussed CrossFit methodology and taught its foundational movements, allowing participants to implement a training program for Marine applicants and better prepare them for the rigors of recruit training.

“They took to CrossFit very quickly and with the enthusiasm typical of Marines across the country,” said former infantry officer Mike Jones, owner of CrossFit Minneapolis and CrossFit St. Paul. “I feel they’re better equipped to provide their poolees with a science-based fitness program that will increase mission readiness and retention for the unit as a whole.”

The seminar also involved extensive practical application so recruiters could learn proper movements and coaching techniques.

“Making Marines is our primary focus,” said Capt. Timothy O’Neil, executive officer for Recruiting Station Twin Cities. “Our average poolee spends six to nine months in the Delayed Entry Program so we would be doing them a disservice if we didn’t and set them up for success.”

Following the course, recruiters from the Dakotas, Minnesota and Western Wisconsin started implementing their new training tools at their “Warrior Wednesday” workouts.

“It was an amazing experience,” said Assistant Recruiter Instructor Master Sgt. Michael Soucy. “You could tell our instructors lived the CrossFit lifestyle. Every command should attend one of these seminars.”

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