633rd FSS Airmen Take Crossfit Challenge

by Senior Airman Wesley Farnsworth
633rd Air Base Wing Public Affairs

langleyLangley Air Force Base, Va – Exercise is a way of life for those in the United States military. Airmen with the 633rd Force Support Squadron have taken it to the next level with their use of a workout program known as “CrossFit.”

CrossFit is one of the principal strength and conditioning programs used in police academies, tactical operations teams, military special-operations units, champion martial artists, and by hundreds of professional athletes. It’s also becoming widely popular on military instillations world-wide.

The program features intense exercises like plyometric jumps, and Olympic lifts that use non-traditional weights like sand-bags, suspension systems and water-filled implements to complete their exercises. The goal is to do as many reps as possible in a set amount of time.

U.S. Air Force 2nd Lt. Victor Delacruz, 633rd Force Support Squadron officer in charge of installation personnel and readiness, is one of two certified level-one trainers on Langley.

“When I arrived at Langley in October of 2011 there wasn’t Crossfit program currently active,” Delacruz said. “My commander came to me and asked if I would start a program along with the help of Staff Sgt. Victor Cruz.”

Together we started the Crossfit gym known as “Raptor Crossfit” at Langley and we are recognized by Crossfit.com and the entire Crossfit community.

“Our sessions run for three months,” Delacruz said. “Each workout lasts anywhere from three to 20 minutes, depending on where you’re at.”

According to Delacruz, the overall goal of the Crossfit program is to increase both physical and physiological tolerance so individuals are able to handle anything that is thrown their way.

“The thing that’s nice about Crossfit is that anyone at any age can do it,” said Cruz, Air Combat Command installation and mission support NCO in charge of knowledge operations. “We take everyday movements and scale it to accommodate everyone.”

Through this program many changes have been seen throughout the FSS, including that of Airman 1st Class Snezhara Dille, 633rd FSS career development technician, who recently completed a three-month session.

“Crossfit helped me build my upper body strength which allowed me to come within one or two of maxing out my push-ups and sit-ups during my last physical fitness test,” Dille said. “I did better in those two categories than I did in basic training.”

Dille also says she looks forward to continuing the Crossfit program, whether it’s on her own or in an organized program.

Delacruz and Cruz have high hopes for this program on Langley.

“We’re currently planning on turning the old ACC pool room into a CrossFit gym,” Delacruz said. “We’re hoping to get more people certified as trainers so that we are able to offer more classes for maximum participation.”