CrossFit for Hope at Camp Mabry

By Capt. Adam Musil (Army National Guard) 

Crossfit for HopeSweat was flying and muscles were pumping at Camp Mabry as Texas National Guardsmen, state, and federal employees worked out to raise money and awareness for the fight against childhood leukemia.

The event was conducted by CrossFit Camp Mabry, a nationally accredited for non-profit CrossFit affiliation comprised mainly of Texas Army National Guard Soldiers and Airmen. The goal of the event, conceived by Capt. Erik Fuentes, was to raise funds and awareness for Leukemia.

“Various CrossFit groups around the country conducted ‘Hope for Cures’ events earlier this summer, but we wanted to conduct ours during leukemia awareness month. My mother in law was diagnosed with the leukemia so the disease really hit home. Also, we have a member of our work out group that has been dealing with leukemia affecting their child,” said Capt. Erik Fuentes, CrossFit Instructor.

A typical CrossFit workout consists of constantly varied, high-intensity, functional movement and is coached by Camp Mabry’s CrossFit instructors. The “Cures for Hope” workout of the day (WOD) was designed by CrossFit Inc. as a way to bring awareness to the fight against child cancer, leukemia, and other illnesses.

“We’ve been raising money for the event through t-shirt sales and the turnout this morning,” said 1st Lt. Bau Phan, CrossFit instructor and CrossFit Camp Mabry board member. “We saw a lot of new faces in our morning class today. The turnout was a lot higher than what we expected, which is great.”

CrossFit Camp Mabry began five years ago with a meager assemblage of six Soldiers in the seemingly air-craft carrier sized drill hall at 36th Inf. Div. headquarters. Over time, the group has grown into a nationally accredited group and the once dormant drill hall is now abuzz with loud music and sweating service members of all shapes and sizes–even pregnant Soldiers.

“I started Crossfit about three years ago and have found it to be the best way for me to stay healthy and physically fit,” said Capt. Aimee Tibbetts, who is eight months pregnant. “During my first pregnancy the doctor told me not to work out and to stay inside. This time I am staying active and there is a huge difference. I feel a lot healthier than last time and I’m eating better too. And most importantly my baby is healthy.”

CrossFit Camp Mabry conducts two daily workouts at the 36th Infantry Division Armory at Camp Mabry in Austin, Texas. Classes are free to all Department of Defense I.D. card holders. The classes are open to anyone with basic Crossfit training and wishes to attend including CrossFit enthusiasts traveling through the Austin area.

“Whether we are raising more for charity or conducting our daily workouts the mission of CrossFit Camp Mabry remains the same,” said Phan. “And that is to promote an active and healthy lifestyle.”