Looking For Something Different? 44 Best Bodyweight Exercises Ever!

Unfortunately, I am not coordinated enough for half of these (maybe more), but here you go.  I tried to type as the exercises were listed in the video.  I think I got them all.  Enjoy the video.

mountain climbers, dragon walks, jumping lunges, pike roll out, burpees, hanging knee to elbow, frozen v-sit, spiderman pushup, single leg burpee, hindu pushups, diamond pushups, lawnmower extension, archer pushup, fingertip pushup, hanging leg raise, clapping pushup, single leg box jump, chest tap pushup, archer pullup, clapping pull-ups, crucifix pushup, hanging wipers, hanging leg raise to lever, one arm hanging leg lifts, pistol squat, l seat, muay thai pushups, dragon flags, ab crunch shredder dips, triple clap pushups, lalanne pushups, muscle ups, standing ab wheel roll outs, bodyweight tricep extension, one arm pushup, one arm one leg pushup, thigh slap pushups, aztec pushups, superman pushups, hannibal for king leg flutters for men, one handed clap pushups, backflip burpees, 360 pushups.